Skype/Kik Sessions

Abby Ross in bra

Want me all to yourself? Well, you can play with me all you want! I’m open to any and all fantasies, so whatever is in your filthy little mind is fine by me. Want to set something up? Email me!

      • $3/min for the first 10 minutes.
    • $2 per minute after 10 minutes.


Panties for sale

I’ll wear them for 24 hours then discretely mail them to you. Includes 5 pics of me wearing them. If you are interested in buying, just drop me an email!

  • $35/pair (e-mail me for a current “menu”) or $30 if you want me to choose.
    • +$10 for 12 hours “stuffing”
    • +$10 for a 5-minute masturbation video wearing your chosen pair
    • +$25 for an extra day wear
    • +$20 if you want me to have an “accident” in them
    • +$10 and I will go for a two-mile walk/jog

Pics and Videos

Abby Ross pink panties

Want some pics of me? Video? Have something special in mind you want to see me doing? Well, just drop me an email and we’ll set that up!

  • Pics
    • 10 Pic Pack (Premade) – $15
    • 20 Pic Pack (Premade) – $25
    • 10 Pic Pack (Custom) – Starting at $25
    • 20 Pic Pack (Custom) – Starting at $40
  • Videos
    • 5-Minute (Premade) – $20
    • 10-Minute (Premade) – $35
    • 5-Minute (Custom) – Starting at $35
    • 10-Minute (Custom) – Starting at $60

If you have an idea I haven’t mentioned, feel free to contact me. I am open to most ideas.